A Planet Breathes

Photosynthetic organisms transformed Earth's atmosphere into the oxygen rich air we breathe today, laying the foundations for sentient life.

Awakening to Gaia

Humanity is now awakening to the reality that Earth is comprised of a living system, one that we ultimately depend upon for our survival.

Redefining God

Examining the tension between Science & Religion, and how our definition of the word "God" can evolve so as to encompass both.

Life Evolves

The natural law gave rise to Earth's diversity of life, through the evolutionary shaping mechanisms of genetic variation & natural selection.

Our Genetic Formula

We share much of our genetic code with evolutionary cousins, much of which evolved hundreds of millions of years ago. This complex biological system allows for some genetic mutation, making it adaptive to change, morphing throughout time.

Rise of the Hominids

With our hominid ancestors new capacity for language comes the first attempts to understand the world, the development of stone-age tools, and a mythology to describe what's beyond the mind's reach.

A Creation Story

A deep history of how our planet gave birth to our species, how we awoke to our true nature, and how we in turn have re-shaped Earth itself. This is the creation story of our strange new planet.


Within the Neolithic Revolution humans adopted an agrarian way of life. Instead of reacting to our environment, we began to actively shape it, using artificial selection to mold the traits of species to serve our needs.


Why Sex Evolved

The emotions associated with this drive are intense for a reason. Sexual attraction & pleasure evolved to give a strong incentive to reproduce, and so those traits became amplified through the generations.

Dying Branches

Extinction events can be seen as a normal part of evolution's cycle of growth and decay. Here we examine megafauna and hominid species that were wiped out as Homo sapiens expanded their reach.

Sentient Beings

Examining the brain's evolution, and how it's main structures developed to allow us to perceive & interact with the world.

Climatic Equilibrium

The planet's climate has evolved a self-regulating system that for millions of years has kept it within cyclical norms.