A Creation Story

A deep history of how our planet gave birth to our species, how we awoke to our true nature, and how we in turn have re-shaped Earth itself. This is the creation story of our strange new planet.

Redefining God

Examining the tension between Science & Religion, and how our definition of the word "God" can evolve so as to encompass both.

Rise of the Hominids

With our hominid ancestors new capacity for language comes the first attempts to understand the world, the development of stone-age tools, and a mythology to describe what's beyond the mind's reach.

Awakening to Gaia

Humanity is now awakening to the reality that Earth is comprised of a living system, one that we ultimately depend upon for our survival.


With the development of larger brains & the capacity for language, our ancestors rose from their place among the animals, to occupy a new status upon the planet.