Awakening to Gaia

Humanity is now awakening to the reality that Earth is comprised of a living system, one that we ultimately depend upon for our survival.

Why this complex chain of physics and chemistry works so elegantly to allow for the survival of life on Earth is largely beyond my powers to comprehend. Those who believe in a divine power may feel justified to attribute it simply to the will of a creator. And perhaps after looking at how elegantly the natural law functions, they may find some truth in that. But it's also worth acknowledging that if Earth was unable to maintain this balance, then we would consequently be unable to occupy this space, questioning why it functions as beautifully as it does. In a galactic sense, it's truly an oddity. A blue green gem floats in a sea of darkness, where the photosynthetic organic life has become an integral part of whole, inseparable from the atmosphere, the landscape, and the climate. It is the only planet we know to have the right set of conditions to give rise to higher forms of complex life.

The way that our planet maintains this point of homeostasis, largely dependent on the organisms within it to maintain its climatic & atmospheric balance, was once referred to as the Gaia Hypothesis. Named after the Greek Goddess of the Earth, it elevates our definition of the planet to something resembling a living organism. It is analogous to the way that we humans depend on the millions of bacteria within our bodies to regulate our own internal systems. The implications of this theory can certainly be extrapolated beyond what the science can currently support, such as attributing a kind of consciousness to the planet itself. In response to such a philosophical leap, a degree of skepticism is appropriate. Yet at its core is an acknowledgment that Earth is a living, self regulating system... one that we are a part of, and one that we ultimately depend upon for our very survival. Through these teachings, humanity is now awakening to a profound new understanding of what our planet provides. We are slowly coming to appreciate that within the cold, dark expanse of the universe, we have the unique opportunity for a rare kind of existence. Earth has given birth to life, and upon it we have evolved consciousness.