With the development of larger brains & the capacity for language, our ancestors rose from their place among the animals, to occupy a new status upon the planet.

We once lived instinctually, according to the movements of the Earth, migrating with the changing seasons of growth and decay. The planet moved between times of abundance & scarcity. Yet compared to it's turbulent beginnings, it now stayed in a life sustaining balance, oscillating between predictable norms.

Our bodies had been conditioned by the millenia, shaped by time. The wisdom of millions of years encoded within us, their guidance speaking to us through our emotions. Hunger told us when we needed sustenance. Fear told us when to run. Sexual attraction when it was time to pass on our genes. Our senses were attuned to our environments.

The old biblical texts referred this time as Eden. But the language was ancient, and limited in what it could convey. The mythology taught us that we had eaten from the tree of knowledge, as a metaphor for developing larger brains, and consequently, the capacity for speech. With it we started to construct a crude symbolic representation of the outer world. Conception arose from perception. Using words as symbols for the objects that surrounded us, we separated the world into a subject/object duality. In doing so we broke from a more instinctual way of being. Our egoic, rational self was born. There was no turning back. Our species was caste out of the wilderness. We were venturing into an uncharted future, outside of the nurturing confines of our instincts' primary guidance.

With language, humanity rose above the animals. Introspective. Discerning. Communicating. No longer did knowledge simply need to be encoded within our genes, or gained from direct experience. Instead it could now be accumulated and passed down, first through speech, and much later on, through our writings. These were our first steps towards civilization.