Earth As We Knew is an experiment, attempting to weave together often fragmented fields of study into a holistic understanding of our place in the world. It is one vision of reality, looking at the evolution of Earth and humankind in the context of deep history, as an intertwined story.

A thread is drawn through the pages of this story, telling of how a natural law gave rise to consciousness, allowing the universe to become aware of itself. It's a tale of how the system in which we now reside came to be, and how we've evolved the ability to increasingly shape our own reality. And by placing our lives within this context, it humbly asks the reader to question how they see the world and their place within it.

Despite the wide scope, Earth As We Knew It doesn't claim to present any kind of absolute truth or definitive source of reference. There are other sites on the internet that can offer more in-depth expertise on the various subjects discussed here. And yet strings of words, no matter how carefully woven, will always struggle to accurately convey the true nature of things. Often as we focus down into a more fine-grained view of a given subject, we can loose site of the big picture. As such, this project aims to paint in broader strokes than is typical in other reference sites, leaving out the extraneous details that would only dilute the central themes.

Earth As We Knew It was largely written in hopes of offsetting the more dominant narrative we're exposed to on a daily basis. That mainstream vision may contain its own set of insights, but it's become overpowering within the minds of too many of us. Too many of our species have let themselves become programmed by forces they struggle to fathom, drowning out a deeper truth. In an intellectual slumber, too many choose to let the world wash over them, letting their behavior be channeled to serve hidden agendas of others, forfeiting this unique opportunity that life presents us with.

To help break from this pattern, we each have an obligation to share the truth as we've come to know it, to help disseminate knowledge, each individual like a neuron firing within humanity's hive-mind. This is my contribution to this much larger conversation, one that was started long ago by our ancestors. It's an attempt to pass on some of the truths that have played a guiding role in my life, in hopes that it may serve others, leaving some kind of positive mark upon their future. If it breaks a few people out of their habitual ways of thinking, if it offers just a few new insights, then it has served its purpose.

Most of the knowledge contained here are nothing new. Many are the reverberation of forgotten truths first voiced by others, some that arises naturally from a life lived close to nature, others being hard earned findings that came through years of scientific research. In that respect, this story is merely an echo of the great scientists and sages, the culmination of timeless teachings. My hope is that those who resonate with these words will, as I have, play their part in retelling humanity's common story, in whatever way they see fit.

Earth As We Knew It continues to evolve. Stay plugged in.