A Creation Story

It's been years since the shift began. A sequence of events set in motion, forcing us to rapidly adapt to a new kind of existence, one that is changing not just the planet, but also how we see our place upon it.

Some of us are taking it upon ourselves to give words to what's happening, to acknowledge a reality that we've long known, but struggled to voice. Our species has awoken to find itself intertwined within a complex system, one increasingly of its own design. A new narrative is developing, transforming those who are willing to open themselves to it. Intricate in its complexity, it struggles to take form, yet it is becoming a counter force to the dominant paradigm that has held us captive for too long. Within a holistic, multifaceted truth, science and spirituality can come to occupy the same space.

This is a chronicle of how this new reality came to pass, a deep history of how our planet gave birth to our species, how we awoke to our true nature, and how we in turn have re-shaped Earth itself. This is the creation story of our strange new planet.